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Amphibian is an instrumental trio and collaboration between Matt Hill (keyboards), Barry Hill (guitar/bass) and Rob Walsh (drums).

It's been 17 years since the Hill brothers, Barry (guitar/bass) and Matt (keyboards) and their great friend Rob Walsh (drums) first came together to create a unique ambient live instrumental trio, amphibian.

In early 2000 they went from busking and playing for dinner in the streets of Byron Bay, to Melbourne where they were residents at the Punters Club and other inner city music venues.

amphibian released two iconic ambient instrumental albums – in pursuit of plankton (2000) and adventures in whistle village (2001), followed by two remix albums, and achieved worldwide distribution though Beatport, Curl Curl, Groovescooter, and IMG Massive Japan.

They went on to sign a Japanese record deal and immerse themselves in live performances at high profile music arts and multimedia festivals in Australia and the UK.

However in 2003 their paths diverged.


It is now 2017… and much has happened.

Poultry is the new frog.

Barry became a part time bike mechanic, self taught solar engineer and played bass in a many bands.  He completed an Honours degree in electronic music and ethnomusicology, then a Phd in electronic music.  He lives on a beautiful avocado farm with two titanium bikes, an old windsurfer, a longbow, some musical instruments and Charlie the cat.

Matt started zen buddhist practice, began playing more soccer, and finished his own Doctorate in music composition. He is now the coordinator of the pioneering SCU contemporary music program as well as a high performance football academy coach. He likes to tend to his flock of chickens.  

Rob became a practicing doctor of medicine, and completed a Masters degree in electronic music production. He became an organic farmer and renewed his interest in carpentry and blacksmithing. He continues to perfect his skills as a distiller of moonshine.

In 2013 the trio reunited on a hill in Northern NSW, where they rekindled their musical spirit. After three years of composing and rehearsing and recording in an old avocado packing shed, amphibian returns. With stately melodies, rootsy basslines and post-rock textures, they bring forth two new albums, In the Galley of the Ghosts and Far from the Village, both set for release on vinyl in July.

Amphibian (L-R) Rob Walsh, Matt Hill, Barry Hill. Photo by Rebecca Kinsey.

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